Nissan Heisman House Tim Tebow’s Speech Commercial

Nissan Heisman House Tim Tebow's Speech Commercial

Nissan continues its 2022 “Heisman House” campaign with a new installment, starring Tim Tebow, who – with a little help from Coach Spurrier – is ready to face his destiny and the 6-speed manual transmission of the All-New Nissan Z.

“This isn’t about chasing some silly dream. It’s about facing your destiny. Head on. All roads have led us here. Are we about to turn back now? I say ‘nay’. Inspired by the giants that have preceded us, we shall push forward, to Destiny,” Tebow says from behind the wheel of his Nissan Z, looking ahead. As he finishes his inspiring speech, the camera pans to unveil Coach Spurrier, who’s sitting right next to Tebow, in the passenger’s seat, and – as it soon turns out – is teaching him how to drive. “Sure, Time,” he says after Tebow’s speech. “Now what you want to do is gently push in the clutch and put it in first,” comes his instruction. “A first for Destiny,” he replies, putting the clutch in first gear and moving the car a little.

In another ad, part of the “Heisman House” campaign, Coach Spurrier is the one who learns something from others. Bryce Young and Devonta Smith teach him how to charge a Nissan. “Coach, just plug it in,” they tell Spurrier, who realizes thus how easy it is to charge a Nissan. However, things change and he gets to teach them something, as well. When the two players see and hear an old-style landline telephone ringing they don’t know what to do and, when Coach Spurrier tells them to just pick it up, Smith does that literally and concludes that he doesn’t like that thing.

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