Eve Mattress Dancing Sloth Advert Song

Eve Mattress Dancing Sloth Advert

A sloth, known as the world’s slowest, sleepiest animal, dances its socks off in an ad for Eve Sleep’s, that promotes the brand’s mattresses.

The spot features a cute toy sloth leaping out of bed and dancing to the tune of the 2000 single “Pure Pleasure Seeker” by English-Irish electronica dance-pop dup Moloko. The brand’s products showcased in the advert are a tailored bed frame (with prices starting from £499), the original mattress (from £349), and linen sheets (from £29).

At the end, the new tagline “Rise. Shine” flashes across the screen.

The spot, which debuted on July 13, 2019 during the ad break in The Voice: Kids, is part of a campaign developed in
partnership with production company Arthur and Martha, media agency Goodstuff, directors Outsider and Mcasso for sound and mix, which also includes outdoor media and social media activity.

Cheryl Calverley, who is the brand’s first CMO, said in a press statement, about the sloth, that ” He will be the brand, certainly for the foreseeable [future]. We are a small business and as you can imagine there has been a not immaterial amount of investment that has gone into an asset of that quality so this asset will have plenty of airing in the next two or three years and I hope he is the face of our brand for many years to come”.

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