Pringles Super Bowl 2024 Commercial – Chris Pratt is Mr. P


Pringles Super Bowl 2024 Commercial Actors - Chris Pratt and Jamie

Jamie, a saleswoman in a certain store, has a great revelation when she sees Chris Pratt with a big mustache and a Pringles can in his hand.

“You look like the Pringles guy,” he says, then takes a picture of him which he posts almost instantly online.

The next scene shows the Star-Lord staring at a mirror and imagining various people adding comments to the picture.

“Looks like the Pringles guy,” “so Mr.P was for Pratt all along,” like the Pringles guy,” some comments read.

A woman, who is most likely the actor’s agent, tells him: “Chris, I have the roll of a lifetime for you.”

The role to which he alludes is that of Mr. P character, from “The Pringles Movie”, the actor imagining himself in a carriage alongside by a child, who is supposed to be his son, judging by his mustache.

The commercial ends with the two protagonist looking up at a billboard reading “Chris Pratt is MR.P”.

The Grammy-winning singer Meghan Trainor was the celebrity featured in the 2023 Pringles commercial for Super Bowl.

Pringles urges his customers to share an image or video of their Mr. P spottings on Instagram or TikTok using #ISeeMrP #PringlesContest by 2/16 for a chance to win up to $15K.

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