Burger King Chicken Royale Whopper We Give Up Advert

Burger King Chicken Royale Whopper We Give Up Advert Girl

Burger King promotes its Chicken Royale in a new ad running in the UK.

The spot takes viewers on a journey through time, since the Whopper was launched, and shows how this menu item has been heavily promoted. One customer, though, arrives in a restaurant, and orders a Chicken Royale, to the cashier’s surprise, who expected him to get a Whopper in the Home of the Whopper.

However, the fast-food chain declares “We give up. There’s room for two in this house.”

Made with 100% chicken breast wrapped in a special crisp coating, the Chicken Royale burger is topped with iceberg lettuce, creamy mayo, and crowned with a toasted sesame seed bun.

The vegal version of the Royale burger is made with a crispy vegan patty from the Vegetarian Butcher, iceberg lettuce and vegan mayo, served in the signature bun.

The fast-food chain will be offering UK customers a Chicken Royale or Vegan Royale for 1 as part of its first-ever Chicken Royale Day, celebrated on June 7. The deal will be available nationwide via the BK mobile app.

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