Efteling Park Christmas Commercial – Little Girl (Re)Creating Park In Her Own House

Efteling Park Christmas Commercial

Efteling has launched its Christmas ad, highlighting the importance of finding time to spend with your dear ones.

The spot features a family of four having a special time together in an Efteling park, time that the oldest kid, a
girl, really appreciates and wants to experience more of. Unfortunately, once they return home, life becomes again as usual, with her parents preoccupied with other things. Willing to relive the wonderful feeling she lived in the world of Efteling, she comes up with an idea that proves to not only tug at her parents’ heartstrings, but also be just the right thing to make them realize how important spending time with each other is.

Efteling’s newest park attraction is a family friendly place called Symbolica that allows guests to embark on an
adventure through hidden rooms of a royal palace. Guests can also enjoy a stroll through the Fairytale Forest to hunt for secret fairytale creatures, a glide across the park’s newly refurbished indoor ice-rink, and many other activities which would definitely help create happy memories.

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