Samsung Be Together With Galaxy Christmas Commercial Song – Man Among Penguins

Samsung Galaxy Christmas Commercial - Man Among Penguins

Samsung wants to ensure those separated during the holidays feel right at home and highlights, in its latest ad, that its devices work together so you can be together with your friends and families.

The commercial opens with a young woman who receives from her parents, before going abroad, in Africa, to work as a primary school teacher, a Samsung Galaxy phone. Arrived there, she makes a video call and asks the kids to say hello to her parents, who are happy to see her smiling. Subsequently, various other people are shown using Samsung devices to be and feel closer to their loved ones. A father spending the evening with his two little daughters, making a puzzle in the living room, also has a videocall, via a Samsung tablet, with his wife, who says she misses them all, a doctor takes a look at a photo of her family before getting on a helicopter for an emergency flight, a chef working on the New Year’s Eve takes a moment to drink a glass of wine in the “company” of his friends, who are greeting him during a video-call, as well, and a father who’s at the South Pole, among penguins, uses his Samsung smartwatch to turn on the lights in his daughter’s room so that she could know he’s thinking about her.

The film, scored by a cover of the 2004 single “Somewhere Only We Know” (originally recorded by English alternative rock band Keane for their debut album, Hopes and Fears) performed by Renee Dominique, ends with the tagline “If you can’t be together, be together with Galaxy” flashing across the screen. In 2013, this song was covered by Lily Allen for a John Lewis Christmas advert.

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