Santos de Cartier Jake Gyllenhaal Commercial Song

Jake Gyllenhaal in Santos de Cartier Commercial

Cartier pays tribute to aviation pioneer Alberto-Santos Dumont and his personal quest to push boundaries and achieve the impossible in the new campaign film for Santos de Cartier watch collection. The protagonist of the film is Jake Gyllenhaal, the brand’s new Santos de Cartier ambassador, who’s wearing the Santos Dumont, a wristwatch whose origins date back in 1904, when Louis Cartier granted the wish of the Brazilian aviator to be able to tell time while flying.

The acclaimed actor is seen gazing at the sky through the window of a coffee shop, where he’s having a coffee and a glass of water. As the plane is flying above the clouds, Jake’s glass filled with water slides down the table and he is transported back in time. The watch he’s sporting, unveiled earlier this year, in January, in Geneva, is latest iteration of the timepiece, which features an interchangeable leather strap or bracelet.

The soundtrack music is “Peaks” by Fyfe & Iskra Strings, taken from the upcoming EP, set to be released April 20th.

Gyllenhaal, described by the French label as “A man who commits utterly and does nothing by halves. A man who defines fearless as honest and true to himself.”, will thus be seen even more, this spring, in movie theathers and online given the fact that the spot will run online and in cinemas. The endorsement marks a first for Cartier, which has not tapped any celebrity to star in its campaigns, so far. Sofia Coppola, who might be considered an exception, directed a commercial for the Panthère watch in 2017.

This is not the first endorsement deal with a brand for Gyllenhaal. Last year, he made his debut as an ambassador for Calvin Klein’s Eternity fragrance, portraying a doting father in a film shot by Cary Fukunaga.

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