birddogs Birthday Surprise Gone Wrong Commercial Song

birddogs Shorts & Pants Birthday Surprise Commercial

birddogs, the fashion brand known for its shorts and pants with built-in liner, has released a new ad to promote its sweatpants and joggers.

Titled “Birthday Surprise Gone Wrong Puts Man In Hospital”, the spot follows a man wearing a pair of birddogs joggers being taken by surprise by his friends, who wait for him behind a corner, on the sidewalk, and throw him a birthday cake into his face so hard he falls on his back, to the ground. The next scene shows him being transported to the hospital on a stretcher, while his fellows, who are all wearing party hats, are disappointed by how wrong their birthday surprise has gone.

The commercial ends with the brand’s logo and the line “shorts and pants with built-in liner” appearing on the screen.

The soundtrack music is “Miss Lindy” by Larry and the Lamplighters.

The birddogs range of pants includes soft, stretch khaki joggers, soft, stretchy khaki pants, and classic cotton sweats, all priced at $109. The brand’s shorts are also various, with customers being able to choose from khaki shorts, gym shorts, Oxford shorts, bathing suits, and more.

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