Pandora Christmas Commercial 2016 – The Joy of Creating & Giving

Pandora Christmas Advert

Pandora Christmas Advert

Pandora has launched the 2016 Christmas ad campaign, talking about the joy of creating and the joy of giving.

The international Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer invites you to discover the magic of Christmas this season with their new Christmas collection and to visit their website to find the perfect gift for you or the ones you love.

The 60-second spot features, in parallel, a young girl shaping an animal out of clay and a jeweler creating a splendid ring, which is bought as a Christmas gift by a man, from a Pandora store.

As the ad continues, we see that the small animal and the ring are gifts for the same woman, as the girl and the man are her daughter and her husband, respectively. At the end, the voiceover says the brand’s tagline “The Joy of Creating – The Joy of Giving”.

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