GoCompare TV Advert 2016 – Pool – Car Insurance

GoCompare TV Advert 2016 - Pool

GoCompare TV Advert 2016 – Pool

The “Pool” TV advert for Gocompare.com shows two guys laying in the sun in a pool, talking to each other.
“What about car insurance? Imagine this fantastic website, where you can check out a shed load of companies”, says one of them.
Be fantastic, Walter, says the other one.
After a few seconds, the tubby Italian tenor Gio Compario appears on the trampoline, with his famous curly moustache and wearing a striped bathing suit. He sings out loud “Gocompare, ensure your wheels, fantastic deals at you know where”, and then jumps off into the water.
Other people, sitting by the pool, start singing too: “You’ll soon discover your ideal cover”.
Gio Compario gets out at the surface and continues singing: “Nothing quite compares to Gocompare”.
Fantastic, say the two guys.
The man behind the moustache is Wynne Evans, a highly appreciated Welsh tenor, who has been working with Gocompare for years.

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