Ikea Advert Song – Hooray! To the Wonderful Everyday

Ikea TV Advert - Hooray!

Ikea UK continues its Wonderful Everyday campaign with a new advert aiming to highlight that life is full of little victories, simple pleasures and spontaneous moments that make everyday more wonderful, and that we shouldn’t wait for special occasions to have big celebrations.

The spot, directed by Patrick Daughters, features the way a family comes together to go big on small things like a “B” at Math, a finished crossword, and a newborn baby fallen asleep. Thus, when one of the boys comes from school with a B grade, his siblings and their dad are taking out a pinata to celebrate, when their grandpa completely finishes the crossword that’s been giving him headaches, they are all celebrating with a special cake, and when the baby boy falls asleep in his crib, his parents are celebrating with champagne, in dance steps.

The song playing in the background is the 2012 single “I’m Shakin'” by Jack White, which is actually his cover version of Little Willie John’s “I’m Shakin'” and is included on his debut album, “Blunderbuss”.

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