Tesco An Unexpected Christmas Advert Song – Guy With Leg In Cast

Tesco Christmas TV Advert

Tesco continues its #EveryonesWelcome Christmas ad campaign with a new spot showcasing the range of drinks available in stores and highlighting that, whether you’re going to the party or the party’s coming to you, Tesco has something for everyone, from award-winning wines to pre-mixed cocktails.

Dubbed “An Unexpected Christmas”, the 30-second ad features a guy whose left leg is in a cast up to the crotch receiving an unexpected visit from a bunch of friends. Obviously, they don’t show up empty-handed, knowing that their friend has mobility issues, but bring over a variety of products from Tesco, including lots of drinks, so that their party would rock. Among the showcased items there are Espresso Martini, Campari Negroni, and Tesco Finest Barossa Shiraz (which is 25% off when you buy six or more bottles of wine or champagne – offer valid for delivery from December 15 until December 18).

“From award-winning wines to pre-mixed cocktails, we’ve got something for everyone. However you do Christmas, Everyone’s Welcome at Tesco.” – the voiceover says at the end of the spot, which also shows the guy’s girlfriend arriving home and finding all those people in her apartment partying.

The song playing in the advert is a cover of Shakin’ Stevens’ 1985 single “Merry Christmas Everyone”, from his “Merry Christmas Everyone” album, released in 1991.

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