Huckberry Gear for Today Commercial Song


Huckberry Clothing Gear for Today Commercial

Huckberry promotes its game-changing outdoor gear in a new commercial.

The 30-second ad features a diverse cast of men doing all kinds of activities, such as riding bikes offroad and motorbikes, driving boats and trucks, fishing, taking photos in nature, jumping in water, and swimming, while in the background the song The Heat by musical artist The Bones Of J.R. Jones plays.

“Gear for Today. Inspiration for Tomorrow. Discover and shop the world’s coolest gear at” onscreen lines read throughout the video.

Huckberry says that new gear and stories are added to its site every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, so fans can check them out and be inspired.

The retailer offers Swiss-engineered trainers from On, a brand whose sneakers are backed by Roger Federer and many Olympians, 365 Pants and Shorts from Flint and Tinder, famous for their incredibly comfortable range of pants and shorts, men’s lightweight jackets, Waxed Canvas Huckberry Truckers, built in Canada with a leather strap, brass hardware, and water-resistant 7oz Martexin sailcloth, and more.

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