Dacia Sandero Mermaid Commercial 2017

Dacia Sandero Commercial 2017 - Mermaid

Dacia Sandero Commercial 2017 – Mermaid

Dacia has launched a new ad campaign, featuring the last version of Sandero and some of the useful available options that can be purchased.

Intending to highlight that the new Dacia Sandero “has all you need and only that”, with no other options of all sorts, the campaign blends funny scenes in the released ads, so that viewers could remember the idea.

The 30-second spot titled “Mermaid” features a young man and his date in a car, after a night date, with water falling down on them, as if they were in a shower. Romantic music is on and he gets close to her, trying to kiss her. His attempt is shattered, though, by a lobster that bites him and ruins the moment.

“A shower option would be great…If you date a mermaid”, says the voiceover, while on the screen viewers get to see what happens next in the car: the woman is a mermaid that holds her tail outside the car, through the window, and the man gets out and runs away. “But in the new Dacia Sandero we’ve preferred to include the MediaNav”, continues the voiceover, justifying that “it’s actually useful”.

The ad ends with the voiceover mentioning the campaign tagline, “New Dacia Sandero. Nothing to add”.

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