Gerber Commercial 2016 – Formula For Happiness

Gerber Commercial 2016

Gerber Commercial 2016

Today’s moms juggle careers, family, marriages, children and friends. If we hold ourselves to a standard of perfection every turn will never look good. My name is Emily Ley. I have a husband, three kids and I run my own small business. It’s a collection of classically-styled, simply-designed organisational tools for women and their feelings. A lot of people think that, because I make organizers, my home is perfect and tidy, but that’s so far from the truth. My formula for happiness is about embracing the mess and making my home a place that’s full of comfort, playfulness and joy. After nursing our twins as long as I could, my doctor recommended Gerber Good Start. It’s nutritious, wholesome and gentle on their tummies. I believe simple is better and that what truly matters in life deserves a lot of attention. It makes my heart so happy to know I’m giving my babies the best.
Gerber. Start Healthy. Stay Healthy.

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