Weber Grills Genesis II Commercial Song

Weber Grills Commercial

Weber Grills Commercial

The world’s premier manufacturer of charcoal, gas, and electric grills, and grilling accessories Weber promotes the Genesis II Grill in a new 30-second commercial.

“Why do we make grills? For being part of your life. All of your life. For taking the guesswork out of grilling. For quality beyond words.” – says the voiceover in the spot, which starts with a group of kids playing in the backyard while the adults are preparing hamburgers, and continues with outdoor parties where the meat is roasted on Weber grills.

The voiceover specifies that Genesis II comes with GS4, Weber’s new high-performance grilling engine, and adds that Weber grills for “living life with the people that fill you with life”.

The spot, featuring the song “We Are Together” by English DJ producer group Planet of Sound, from their 2014 album “Cider Sky”, ends with the brand’s tagline, “For Life!”.

“There is a Weber for every type of griller” – believes the manufacturer and invites to find the grill made specially for you at their website, whether you’re a backyard chef, griller-on-the-go, or just digging in. The price of a Genesis II ranges from $599 to $2.249.

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