Carolina Herrera CH PINK Commercial Song – Fight Against Breast Cancer

Carolina Herrera CH PINK Commercial

Carolina Herrera has released a video including an original song dedicated to all women who are fighting against breast cancer. Part of the designer’s CH PINK initiative, the film aims to inspire women and help them find the motivation to never give up.

The clip, that will be used as the main element of the new campaign, features the song’s recording process, revealing that the song was recorded in Spain by 18 musicians from 12 countries to deliver one single message: “We don’t give up!”. Women who have struggled or still struggle with breast cancer have also participated at the recording process, together with their family members and friends.

The song has the following lyrics:

“Cause I love your smile and the light in your eyes,
All your tenderness, without saying a word.
Cause I love you so much,
I’ll be holding your hand.
In believe in you
and your dreams…you should, too.
You’re so brave, you must trust
You’re the beat of my heart,
Don’t give up, you must fight.
Keep it up, it’s a wonderful life.
I’ll be here by your side.
Don’t give up, there is hope,
Look around, you’ll see you’re not alone.
All that matters is love”.

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