Chase Banking Feels Good Commercial

Chase Banking Feels Good Commercial Actress

Chase highlights that “Banking with Chase Feels Good” in its latest commercial, which promotes some of the features available with the Chase mobile app.

The spot opens with a woman staying in the dark, with the lights out, reading a Fraud Monitoring alert text message on her phone, asking her if she spent a certain amount of money at the airport. As she replies “No”, a new message informs her that she’ll get a new card. At this point, the lights turn on and she is shown shouting, along with other people, at a surprise party.

The next shot features two women with a baby sitting down with a Chase banker to discuss about the child’s Savings Account and another shot shows a young man opening a graduation card with a check inside. He deposits the check with his smartphone, using the Chase mobile app Quick Deposit feature. He snaps a picture of the check and gets a screen with the message “Transaction Successful”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “With Chase security features, guidance, and convenience, banking feels good” and adding the tagline “Make more of what’s yours”.

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