Gatorade You Fuel Us, We Fuel You Commercial Song – Feat. Serena Williams, J. Tatum, C. Pulisic & L. Sanders

Gatorade Serena Williams Commercial

Gatorade has released a new commercial, highlighting that it studies the best athletes to develop the most advanced range of sports fuel.

Launched with the tagline “You Fuel Us, We Fuel You,” the 30-second spot features tennis legend Serena Williams, Boston Celtics small forward Jayson Tatum, the American professional soccer player Christian Pulisic, who plays as an attacking midfielder or a winger for German club Borussia Dortmund and the United States national team, and athlete Lionel Sanders, who became, in 2010, an Ironman training, while onscreen lines read “You sport, we science. You sweat, we study. You train, we track. You push your game, we push ours”.

Some images also illustrate how the brand analyzes data collected from the respective athletes in order to create the most advanced range of sports fuel.

The soundtrack music is “Skip Jump Stomp” by Atomic Drum Assembly, from the “Atomic Drum Assembly” album, released on July 16, 2018.

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