Hot Pockets DJ Sean’s Brain Commercial

Hot Pockets DJ Sean's Brain Commercial

Hot Pockets advertises its Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza, Hot Pockets Bacon, Egg & Cheese, Hot Pockets Big & Bold Buffalo Style Chicken in a new commercial.

The spot features Sean, a young DJ who’s booed by the crowd because he had interrupted the show. His brain – which is like a character, with arms and legs – explains that Sean stopped the music and acts weird because he’s hungry and in such cases there’s only one way to get himself back again: Hot Pockets.

“Harness the cheesy meety hunger slaying power of Hot Pockets!” the brain says at the end of the commercial, which features the brand’s famous jingle and DJ Sean entertaining the crowd.

The Hots Pockets range also includes Ham, Egg & Cheese, Steak & Cheddar, Chicken Bacon Ranch and Southwest Style Taco, and more, all in various sizes.

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