Fitbit Charge 3 Commercial Song

Fitbit Charge 3 Commercial

Fitbit showcases the new Fitbit CHarge 3 in one of its spots part of the Christmas campaign, that aims to encourage people to give “the gift of health and fitness” this holiday.

The commercial features a man and his wife outdoors, with the latter asking him to get his present out of the bag. Seeing the Fitbit Charge 3 nicely wrapped, he hugs her and then jumps off a cliff into the water, with the smartwatch on his hand.

The end of the ad, which is scored by Sugar Pie DeSanto’s “A Little Taste of Soul”, sees the new Fitbit Charge 3 on the screen and informs that you can get free shipping at the brand’s website.

Described as the brand’s “most advanced tracker ever,” the Fitbit Charge 3 “helps you know your body and understand your health so you can take action to improve yourself,” according to Fitbit. It is swim-proof and features a battery life of up to 7 days, tracks 24/7 heart rate, heart rate zones, all day calorie burn, sleep stages, it sends notifications on your smartphone, and allows you to make easy, secure payments if you add your cards to the Fitbit app. The price starts at $149.95.

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