Chase Woman Building and Flying Plane Commercial Song

Chase Woman Building and Flying Plane Commercial

Chase features, in one of its latest commercial, a mother who, after sending off her daughter’s final tuition payment, is pursuing her own goals.

Titled “Free to Fly,” the spot shows Maya, a mother informed by her JPMorgan Advisor that her daughter’s last tuition was sent off. Asked if she’s feeling good, she confirms, saying that she’s ready to focus on her project. This is why we plan,” the advisor answers, opening the “Hobbies” section. As the ad goes on, it turns out her project consists in building a small aircraft and taking to the sky. “Whoo! You never cease to amaze me, Maya,” the advisor tells his customer.

The commercial concludes with the onscreen line “Plan Yourself Free” and with the voiceover urging viewers to see how investing with a JPMorgan advisor can help you and visit their local Chase branch.

The song playing at the end of ad is “Do Your Thing” by English electronic music duo Basement Jaxx, a song that originally appeared on their second studio album, Rooty (2001), and was released in August 2002 as a 12″ Limited Edition, vinyl single in UK and as a CD single in Australia.

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