Meridian Energy Nature Actually Commercial Song

Meridian Energy Nature Actually Commercial Actress

New Zealand’s largest energy generator Meridian Energy has launched a new ad campaign created by The Monkeys Aotearoa to show its commitment to working towards a better future for each other and for Nature and taking action to help New Zealand decarbonise.

The spot, directed by Jamie Lawrence, opens with a small town apparently taken over by a tornado. Nature, impersonated by a strong woman clad in a green outfit and wearing boots, shows up to “fix” some things around town. Thus, using her super-human powers, she “takes” the axe from a man who was using it to cut a tree and throws it in the hole made by a woman planting flowers (there the axe grip turns into a tree). Before leaving, she’s also turning an old car into an electric one.

“If you’re good to Nature, she’ll be good to you. So Meridian are building their 6th wind farm,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which is scored by Aretha Franklin’s iconic single “Respect”.

The campaign also includes OOH, digital, social, a Newshub Weather sponsorship and a retail campaign featuring Nature.

“Over the past few years, Meridian has been planting thousands of trees to offset our carbon footprint and we’ve created Certified Renewable Energy that not only reduces reported emissions for our customers but is now on track to deliver over $2.5m of support for community and business decarbonisation,” Meridian Energy Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Healy, said in a press release.

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