Nationwide Commercial Song 2016 – Brad Paisley

Nationwide Commercial 2016 - Brad Paisley

Nationwide Commercial 2016 – Brad Paisley

Nationwide have made recourse to music in their latest ad campaign to advertise their insurance, banking and retirement related services.
Titled “Songs For All Your Sides” the campaign introduces singers Rachel Platten and Brad Paisley, who perform songs about the various sides of a person and about how Nationwide helps people grow and protect their many sides.
Brad Paisley plays on the guitar a song whose lyrics are as follows:

“So you’re up at dawn, kid, look alive
You’ve been saving for a big man cave
Good luck with that, Dave
You made the most of your retirement plan
So you better learn to drive that RV, man
So many things you’re doing in your life
Nationwide is on your side”

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