Telstra Wi-Fi Password Commercial Song

Telstra Australia Wi-Fi Password Commercial - Woman Receptionist

Telstra promotes its Wi-Fi in a new TV ad, highlighting that “You don’t need need reliably fast Wi-Fi… until you do”.

The spot features a diverse cast of people staying at a hotel, where they intend to spend a long weekend. They are shown asking for the Wi-Fi password to the reception explaining the reason why they need it. A woman needs it for a video call, a man to stream a game, and many others to use the Internet because the rainy weather doesn’t allow them to stay outdoor too much.

The end of the commercial sees the receptionist being in the situation to write the Wi-Fi password on a piece of paper because the ones in the bowl are all taken.

“You don’t need reliably fast Wi-Fi… until you do,” the voiceover says at the end of the video.

The song used in the commercial is “Wee Small Hours” by Andrea Litkei and Ervin Litkei.

Telstra gives its customers the chance to get $15/mth credit for 12 mths on Premium Unlimited internet, no $99 connection fee when they sign up online (the deal excludes Fixed Wireless), the flexibility to change their plan once a month, and more.

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