Samsung Commercial Song 2016 – The Only Way To Know – Lillehammer 2016

Samsung Commercial - Lillehammer 2016

Samsung Commercial – Lillehammer 2016

Title: #The Only Way To Know

HP: “All athletes, especially teen athletes, face a debilitating amount of doubt and pressure. To help fight these ever-present constraints of teenage life and empower teens to commit to sport, Samsung has partnered with the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympics Games”.

HT: #TheOnlyWayToKnow

Song by Dennis Alfarez


Maybe this is the end
Maybe I’ll just be forgotten
Maybe I’ll only ever be a beauty queen
Maybe I’m just different
Maybe this is the worst
Maybe this is too much
Maybe I should just give up
Maybe this is a phase, my limit, torture
Maybe I’m just tired
Maybe this will be what stops me
Maybe I’ll start listening
Maybe I’ll never listen
Maybe I don’t need you to like me
Maybe this already pays enough
Maybe I’m already enough
Maybe this will be what pushes me
Maybe I’ll be the best
The greatest
The fastest
Maybe this isn’t the end
Maybe this is just the beginning

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