Samsung Galaxy Christmas Commercial Song 2016

Samsung Galaxy Christmas Commercial

Samsung Galaxy Christmas Commercial

Samsung has released the Christmas commercial, inviting you to give someone more than just a gift this holiday season, and to give them a possibility, such as the possibility to run a marathon for the first time, to make their first 360 film or to get closer to family.

The 60-second spot features several persons unwrapping Christmas gifts and discovering inside some of the Samsung products, with which they have the chance to do things they’ve always wanted or they’ve never dreamed of.
Thus, a woman received a Gear 360, used by her kids to make 360 films and have fun, a father receives a smartwatch, which he uses to train and attend his first marathon, a young Asian woman receives a S7 Edge in blue coral, which she uses to take photos in the pool, thanks to its water-resistance, a young Indian man receives a Gear S3, that he uses while skydiving, and a young mother receives from her husband Gear VR, that enables her to discover a collection of amazing experiences.

The commercial, highlighting at the end that “It’s not just a gift. It’s a possibility”, represents also a means to wish you happy holidays.

The song playing in the background is “You Know It” by Colony House.

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