easyJet Advert Song – Imagine Where We Can Take You

easyJet TV Advert - Couple in Clouds

easyJet encourages people to imagine where the airline can take them in its latest ad, part of a new integrated campaign aimed at creating a stronger connection with customers.

The 60-second spot, created by VCCP, features a freckled passenger on an easyJet plane imagining things and fantasy destinations, from a still couple on the clouds, with him taking a photo of her, to a mountain perfect for ski, to an Italian plazza where people indulge themselves with gelatto while fluffy clouds are floating around them, to a sun-bathed beach where a dad is blowing an inflatable representing a small Italian town, where a woman is riding a bike, with her little son in a child seat, through the narrow streets, filled with merchants selling fruit and vegetables and people having coffee and breakfast at small tables. Finally, the image of a female pilot as she flies the plane above a variety of landscapes appears on screen, along with the tagline “Imagine where we can take you”.

The song playing in the background is “Dreams” by Cat Power (the stage name and eponymous band of American singer-songwriter Chan Marshall), from her seventh studio album, “The Greatest”, which is a cover of “All I Have To Do Is Dream”.

The advert, which premiered on September 14, during Gogglebox on Channel 4, is complemented by print and digital. The €12 million campaign, set to run across Europe, will also mark the launch, in October, of a new function available in the airline’s mobile app, called “Look and Book,” which will enable customers to take a screengrab on their phone and share it with, or upload it to, the EasyJet app in order to identify the location and match the photo to an EasyJet destination.

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