Telstra Commercial Song: Girl Using Apple Devices

Telstra Commercial Girl - Together It's Magic

Australia’s “best mobile network,” Telstra, invites people to “Experience the magic of Apple’s amazing devices” in a new commercial.

Titled “Together, it’s magic,” the spot follows a young woman as she uses various Apple devices on her way to the store, one evening. “It’s magic. How we can connect and share from almost anywhere. Our favorite sounds create common ground. We can do everything through highways, skyways, WiFi waves, a walk to the store becomes so much more. Moments electric shared worldwide with a quick flick. Through a network we can’t see we’re connected seamlessly. On every street there’s magic thriving in the air with ones will conjure it to life and through the network we’ll share,” the voiceover says.

The commercial, scored by Australian singer Thelma Plum’s newest single, “Clair De Lune”, released on July 1, 2018, concludes with the tagline “Telstra and Apple – Together, it’s magic”.

The deals valid at Telstra on Apple devices are on the iPhone X, on the new iPad (32GB and 128 GB), available in Space Grey, Silver and Gold, and on the iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED. Customers are encouraged to “Bundle magic with amazing” and consider accessories like AirPods, HomePod, and Apple Pencil to make their iPhone or iPad more amazing.

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