Uber Commercial Song: LGBTQ Community – Ride with Pride


Uber Commercial: LGBTQ Community

Uber continues its ad campaign with a new ad, highlighting its commitment to keeping the LGBTQ community moving forward.

The 60-second spot, titled “Whatever Your Road, Ride With Pride”, features members of the LGBTQ community taking part to the Pride parade and using Uber. Some of them share their thoughts on what Pride means to them.

“We all have to be proud of who we are because, when we come together, we make a beautiful picture.”, “Pride to me is everything I stand for. It’s a time to spread love and positivity to all.”, “When you see that rainbow flag, you can’t help but be so happy.”, “Pride is everybody coming together: straight, gay, black, white, it’s just a unity thing.”, “When I have my friend and his Pride, we stay stronger than ever.”, “I know it’s sometimes difficult to accept who you are, but once you find that acceptance, you’ll find your Pride.” – say some of the LGBTQ community members starring in the ad.

The music playing in the background is the 2014 single “My Type” by American indie pop band Saint Motel, from their EP of the same name. This song appeared on the soundtrack of video games FIFA 15 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and in two films released in 2015, Mr. Right and Paper Towns.

Uber has shown its support to the LGBT community also in the previous year, in June, the Pride Month. In 2015, it did this with a marketing hack that implied the attachment of an image of the rainbow flag (a symbol of the LGBT movement) to the virtual cars on its mobile app, and in 2016, it donated $1 to LGBTQ community organizations across San Antonio, on rides for which the PRIDE option was requested.

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