Real California Milk Woman & Snowman Commercial

Real California Milk Commercial - Woman & Eagle

Real California Milk products are advertised in a new campaign, entitled “Enter the Golden State”.

One of the spots features a woman who, after tasting the Real California Milk butter on her pancake, finds herself (and the pile of pancakes from her kitchen) transported by an eagle above the Lake Tahoe. When she gives the bird one of the sweet treats, she is dropped into a snowbank presented as the “land of milk & sunny”. There, she finds a bubbling pot of fondue and befriends a snowman, whose hand she had used (without realizing, though) as a dipping stick.

“Enter the Golden State with Real California dairy,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which features an orginal soundtrack, recorded specifically for this ad by a group of musicians.

The brand says its dairy is “always made with 100% Real California Milk by real farm families who value a cleaner, more sustainable future.” The product range also includes medium cheddar cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. There actually are other commercials, that focus on these products too. One of them follows a man who’s eating medium cheddar cheese and is transported into a land where a squirrel pilots a hot air balloon and brings him a cheese plate and another one.

For the campaign, which was filmed in Kyiv, the brand worked with food stylist Natasha van VELZEN.

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