Eos Products Love the Things You Used to Hate Commercial – Feat. Women Singing

Eos Commercial Actress

Eos Products has released a new ad highlighting that, when we can finally leave our homes again, you’re going to love doing the things you used to hate and eos will help get you ready for them, so every obligation will feel like a reason for celebration.

The spot features a diverse cast of women getting ready to go out and singing while they’re doing that. Thus, a woman shaving her legs sings about how she can’t wait to leave the house to do stuff and go places, to see strangers and their super annoying faces, another woman putting on some lip balm sings about how she has never felt so blessed while being stuck in traffic, another woman feels excited for her annual pep test, another one for changing the oil in her car, another one for visiting her grandma and looking through old photos, and another one for going out in a bar.

“You’re gonna love doing the things you used to hate. Eos will get you ready for them.” onscreen lines read at the end of the 30-second commercial, which showcases some of the eos products, including lip balms, shea butter, 24h moisture body lotion, hand sanitizer, and more.

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