PooPourri Christmas Commercial – Even Santa Poops

PooPourri.com Christmas Commercial

PooPourri.com Christmas Commercial

PooPourri.com has released a new commercial, feauring the Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, which eliminates bathroom odor before it begins, as it is designed to trap unpleasant odors beneath the surface and keep them out of the air.

After having showed you “how to poop at a party”, “how to poop at work”, “how to poop on a date”, PooPourri shows you what happens when all those milk and chocolate cookies catch up with Santa on his big night.

The short film, titled “Even Santa Poops”, features Santa going to the toilet in the home of three little sisters, who wake up because of the smell and go into the bathroom, to have a discussion with him. They make fun of him because of his poop smell and they steal his sack, including an iPhone, with which one of them takes a photo of him and tries to blackmail him.

Eventually, the older sister recommends Santa to use Poo~Pourri, describing it as “the gift that stops stinking”.
“Since we’re exchanging gifts, here’s one for you”, says the girl, handing the spray over to Santa.

As the ad ends, we see a young lady on Santa’s knees singing a song which invites you to visit the PooPourri website before you drop a bomb, “to save your rear”.

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