Palace Gucci Commercial Song – Out of Space by The Prodigy

Palace Gucci Commercial

Gucci has teamed up with British skateboard and streetwear brand Palace for an exclusive collection called “Palace Gucci”.

The heard-turning collection is revealed in a 2-minute and a half film directed by Max Siedentopf, which features “the personas of the rodeo, road, earth, outer space, skate, and sport breaking status-quo by mixing and mingling in this surreal dimension where Easter eggs and unexpected cameos abound for those in-the-know,” according to the Italian luxury fashion house.

The ad opens with a flying newsagency and a footballer floating down like Mary Poppins, with an umbrella in his hands, and goes on by showing an out-of-this-world party set to the tune of the Prodigy’s hit single “Out of Space“. Girl-clones, an alien, a skateboard plat du jour are among the individuals featured throughout the video.

Toward the end of the film, however, some Sesame Street-style characters are shown in a corporate boardroom celebrating the collaboration.

Gucci Palace consists of a range of street-ready staples drawn from Palace’s archive, that feature Gucci’s signature, and is available exclusively on Gucci Vault.

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