Citroen C3 Advert Song 2017 – Marriage Proposal

Citroen C3 TV Advert 2017 - Marriage Proposal

Citroen C3 TV Advert 2017 – Marriage Proposal

Citroen UK has released a new advert, inviting you to discover the new Citroen C3 and the Advanced Comfort System, with the world’s first in-built camera, ConnectedCAM Citroen, which helps you capture unique moments when you’re on the road.

The 30-second spot features a young man, Eliott Gerval, who makes a marriage proposal using ConnectedCAM Citroen. How? On his way back home, he takes photos of a mountain that has the shape of a “M”, of a building that has the shape of an “A” from one side, a truck who has the letter “R” on its back, an “Y”, the logo of a subway station (“M”) and the wall of a building with its windows disposed in such a way that they form an “E”.

As he takes every photo, he sends it to his girlfriend, Susan, who doesn’t understand at first their meaning. Looking at all the photos added in the album Eliott created with her name, including the last one, with a question mark, she doesn’t have any doubt.

The advert ends in a positive mood, with the woman accepting his proposal and hugging him.

The voiceover invites you to share what you see with ConnectedCAM Citroen, only in the new Citroen C3, available to test-drive now.

The track playing in the background is “Here We Are” by Part-Time Friends.

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