A Man Called Otto (2023 Tom Hanks Movie) – Trailer Songs

A Man Called Otto (2023 Tom Hanks Movie) - Trailer Actor

Sony Pictures has released the trailer for the upcoming drama movie A Man Called Otto, an adaptation of Fredrik Backman’s bestselling novel “A Man Called Ove”.

Directed by Marc Forster from an adapted script by David Mage, the film stars Tom Hanks as Otto, a grumpy widower who takes pleasure in tormenting his neighbors. “He doesn’t hate the world, only the people ruining it” an onscreen line reads in the opening of the trailer, which gives viewers a glimpse at the man’s lonely life, which includes making an enemy of everyone he crosses paths with on one side and visiting his dead wife in the cemetery, on the other side. He is shown being angry at people with dogs because the animals pee on the sidewalk, enraged with delivery trucks that park where they are not allowed, and furious at neighbors who get out early in the morning to exercise. However, his attitude towards life begins to slowly change after Marisol (Mariana TreviƱo), a pregnant woman and mother of two, moves into his block with her family.

The songs used in the trailer are “Fissatore” by Cloax and the 1989 song “End of the Line” by the British-American supergroup the Traveling Wilburys, from their debut album, “Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1.”

A Man Called Otto will get a limited release in New York and LA this winter, on December 25, and a wide release on January 13, 2023.

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