Snickers Hungry Skies Commercial Song – Feat. Weird Passengers on a Plane

Snickers Hungry Skies Plane Commercial - SPA Onboard

Snickers has launched a new ad campaign, dubbed “Hungry Skies,” portraying Snickers as the go-to travel snack that delivers complete satisfaction in comically relatable travel scenarios.

Developed in collaboration with the leading agency BBDO New York, the primary campaign film playfully mocks disoriented passengers with vignettes featuring airborne irritations. The 45-second ad opens with an elderly lady repeatedly pressing the call button, quipping, “I know it’s not easy dealing with us.” It then showcases various traveler archetypes, including those who refuse to pay overweight luggage fees, treating their seat as a personal spa, exuding serious business vibes, bringing emotional support snakes, or transforming the plane into their yoga studio.

Ultimately, a flight attendant equipped with a tray filled with Snickers bars, arrives and restores order by offering a Snickers bar to one of the passengers.

Set to the tune of Nicola Kirsch’s “Libiamo,” the commercial wraps up with the onscreen tagline “Maybe the hungry skies just need a Snickers” and a nod to flight attendants with the message “Flight attendants, we’re here for you,” alongside featured Hungry Skies merchandise.

The campaign, which runs in the U.S. and Australia across TV, social media, digital platforms, and also includes in-flight/in-airport activations, is scheduled to span over 30 countries from now until the first quarter of 2025, and expand to Asia, the European Union, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, the Middle East, and Africa

“With international tourism expected to grow 15% in 2024 and over 6 million people flying every day, this campaign captures those increasingly and absurdly relatable instances we’ve all encountered traveling and reminds hungry travelers to grab a Snickers, to help keep them on track as they navigate the turbulent skies of travel,” Rankin Carroll, Chief Brand Officer at Mars Snacking, said in a press statement.

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