Google Search Donuts Near You Commercial Song

Google Search Commercial - Dog With Donut

Google highlights, in a series of new ads, that Google Search makes finding what you’re looking for fast and easy.

One of the spots shows how Google can find the best donuts near you by giving a series of names of places that serve donuts in Charlotte, NC, such as Donut Disturb, Whoa-nuts!, A Sprinkle In Time, Holey Moley, Glazed and Confuse, and Sugar bagels, all along with the number of stars they were rated.

At the end of the commercial, photos of people showing off donuts they are about to eat are included, before the onscreen line “Donuts near you, by Google” appears.

Other similar ads show how Google Search can help you find movie trailers, hotels in Nashville, karaoke near you, flight info, movie showtimes, NBA schedules and scores, pizza near you, florist near you, and more.

The song playing in the background is the 2018 single “Harmony” by Ellem feat. Jim Bianco.

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