Domino’s Pizza Electric Delivery Vehicles Charged Up Commercial

Domino's Pizza Electric Delivery Vehicles Charged Up Commercial

Domino’s Pizza has announced it will be adding over 800 Chevy Bolt electric vehicles to its fleet, making it the largest electric pizza delivery fleet in the US, and has released a new commercial to help spread the news.

Titled “Charged Up,” the spot features several cars being hit by thunder and becoming custom-branded electric vehicles used for Domino’s Pizza deliveries. “Great power brings great delivery” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which is set to the tune of an original song, called “Charged Up”.

Domino’s says over 100 custom-branded 2023 Chevy Bolt EVs will roll out in the US this month, with plans to add an additional 700 over the next few months.

“We’ve made a committment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and this is one way we can begin reducing our environmental impact, one delivery at a time,” CEO Russel Weiner said in a press release.

Back in 2019, Domino’s used custom electric bikes for pizza deliveries to save on gas and reduce emissions, as part of a test program and it now delivers with electric bikes and or scooters in 24 international markets, including the U.S.

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