eharmony Couple in the Bathroom Commercial

eharmony Couple in the Bathroom Commercial - Couple Mirror

Dating app eharmony has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Get Who Gets You”, which aims to highlight the importance of finding love with those who get you.

The campaign includes a series of spots directed by Clara Tägtström, that focus on people’s quirks and capture various moments between people who are uniquely perfect for each other as they feel free to be themselves and accept each other because of their quirks.

One of the ads shows a couple in their bathroom, at different moments of the day, looking at themselves in the mirror, cleaning their teeth, getting ready for the day or for bedtime, and being 100% natural because they are alike and love each other the way they are.

“Get Who Gets You” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which is set to the rhythms of a catchy tune.

According to eharmony, over 2 million people have found love on the dating app, which is most likely to lead to happy relationships thanks to a unique Compatibility Matching System that helps users find matches whose personalities and outlook are in tune with their own. Premium Members can meet other people safely and securely with eharmony’s brand new Video Date feature, which lets them get all-important first impressions without leaving their home.

eharmony also offers, on its website, articles, blogs, and videos created by relationship experts, journalists, and eharmony’s in-house advice team.

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