Xfinity Mobile & Home Internet Bear Trap Commercial

Xfinity Mobile & Home Internet Bear Trap Commercial

Xfinity urges consumers to get mobile and home internet together in one of its latest ads, part of the “Not That Bad” campaign.

Titled “Bear Trap“, the spot features a man who thinks he can get by without home internet and has one of his legs stuck in a bear trap. He admits that he should really get rid of it but decides to make do just like he makes do without home internet. He thus struggles to do all kinds of things around the house with the trap stuck to his foot believing that it’s not that bad, but he soon realizes that it is bad. When the phone internet prevents him from having his jobs done and the trap starts causing damage (it breaks the family’s inflatable pool in this case), the man is awakened to reality.

“It is that bad. Don’t settle. Switch to Xfinity and get mobile and home internet together,” the voiceover says at the end of the 30-second ad.

Another spot in the campaign features a woman who chooses to live without home internet and with a hornets’ nest stuck to her head. “It’s not ideal, but we’ll manage, just like I manage without home internet,” she says. The protagonist comes to realize though, just like the man with the bear trap, that it is that bad.

Earlier this year, the company enlisted Ed Helms to promote its “Unbeatable Internet”.

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