Popeyes Classic Cajun Wings Commercial – Jerry Rice

Popeyes Commercial - Jerry Rice

Popeyes Commercial – Jerry Rice

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has released a new commercial, starring Jerry Rice advertising Popeyes’ Classic Cajun Wings on an episode of “Football Chat”.

The 30-second spot features Popeyes’ spokeswoman Annie having a conversation with Rice in the studio.
“So you’re a famous football player”, says Annie.
“That’s the rumor”, answers Rice.
The host asks him if he’s good at anything else and, receiving a “Depends” as a response, decides to put him at test: “What about a Popeyes commercial? Can you do that?”. Jerry Rice replies he’s pretty sure and starts to read Annie’s line from the screen, imitating perfectly her voice. “It’s playoff season, honey, and nothing brings flavor to the game like my amazing Popeyes’ Classic Cajun Wings. For a limited time, get 6 Cajun Wings with buttermilk dressing for just $3.99”, says the former American football wide receiver, adding that “Nothing goes with football like Popeyes”.
Annie is really impressed by Jerry Rice’s skills, and doesn’t hesitate to admit he’s good.
“How did you do that?”, she asks curious to know his secret.
“I’m a pro”, answers Rice.

The commercial ends with a football with the brand’s tagline on it, “Football Is Better With Popeyes”.

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