FedEx SameDay Bot Commercial – Robot Delivering Package to Front Door

FedEx SameDay Bot Commercial - Robot Delivering Package

FedEx showcases its SameDay Bot, an autonomous home delivery robot that is now in development, in a new commercial.

The spot, which debuted on Tuesday’s edition of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” features the SameDay Bot as it delivers a package to the front door of a mother whose kid is sick. The device, which is – according to the video – a prototype in development and testing in 2019, is seen following stoplight signals, stopping when an object, such as a rolling basketball, or another being in front of it and climbing stairs without difficulty.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “The Future. What we deliver by delivering” and with an onscreen line directing viewers to the section “TheFuture” from the company’s website.

According to FedEx, the SameDay Bot is engineered to operate on its own, using artificial intelligence and an array of sensors to safely make deliveries to a customer’s front door after mapping the best route. Thanks to its intelligent wheel system, it can traverse various kinds of terrain, from sandy terrain to rocky terrain to water.

In terms of cargo, it can “carry all kinds of cargo, even hot or cold items, making deliveries flexible and convenient”. The Memphis-based logistics giant has also mentioned that this type of robot can carry single or multiple deliveries, securing the contents inside so only the recipient can have access.

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