BT Plus TV Advert Song: Woman Walking Through City


Girl in BT Plus TV Advert

BT Mobile advertises its BT Plus plan, which includes both fibre broadband and 4G, in a new spot, created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.

The 60-second advert, dubbed “Song,” opens with a young woman in her room, getting ready to leave, while from her laptop New Order’s 1983 hit single “Blue Monday” is heard playing. As she shuts the laptop and walks outside, the music keeps playing and the people around her say the song lyrics. Finally, it turns out she used her phone to listen to the song on YouTube on her way to meet a friend.

At the end of the spot, the voiceover says the tagline “New BT Plus. Fibre and 4G together. Our best connection in and out the home”.

This spot is part of a campaign aimed at engaging with the brand’s target audience and exciting people more. BT Plus, is according to the mobile virtual network operator, “UK’s first converged fibre and 4G plan that gives you the fastest speeds available in and out of the home with a unique Keep Connected Promise – all on one simple bill.” With an average speed of 300Mbps, the plan also guarantees a 100Mbps speed even at peak times. In addition, customers will also get a free upgrade to the company’s fastest 4G and double the mobile data allowance. 24/7 dedicated UK and Ireland support will also be guaranteed to BT Plus customers.

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