Sprite Transparent Is The New Green Commercial

Sprite Transparent Is The New Green Commercial Actress

Sprite has switched from green to clear plastic for its bottles and has released a new ad to spread the news.

“Some days are heavier than others. But not even the heaviest day can stop us,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 20-second commercial, which features a woman returning home with a bottle of Sprite in her hands. After placing her backpack on the stand, the wall cracks and she can see her neighbor in his apartment.

The narrator also mentions that the refreshing taste of Sprite fans have asked for is back, now with a transparent bottle, easier to recycle, and adds the tagline “Transparent is the new green”.

“Taking colors out of bottles improves the quality of the recycled material. This transition will help increase the availability of food-grade rPET. When recycled, clear PET Sprite bottles can be remade into bottles, helping drive a circular economy for plastic,” A Coca-Cola press release explained.

In its announcement, the giant also said that, in the coming months, it will shift all of its current green bottles to clear, including the Fresca, Seagram’s and Mello Yello brands. And it pledged begin using 100% recycled plastic in most Dasani water bottles in the U.S. and all Dasani bottles in Canada.

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