Orbit Guy with Peacock Tail & Curly Girl Commercial

Orbit Commercial - Guy with Peacock Tail & Curly Girl

Orbit continues its “Time to Shine” campaign with a new installment, highlighting that first impressions matter.

The 15-second spot, promoting the Peppermint Gum, is set at a barbecue party and features a young man who, after grabbing an Orbit gum, impresses the woman he likes with a peacock tail, a bright smile and bold dance moves. The young curly haired lady can’t stop from getting closer and touch the showy tail feathers.

The brand of sugarless chewing gum from the Wrigley Company has also released other hilarious spots, with the tagline “Time to Shine”, encouraging viewers to make their first impression a lasting impression with Orbit Gum and stay cool under pressure with Orbit Gum. One of the spots, for instance, set in a post-apocalyptic world and scored by Litany’s 2017 single Bedroom, features a teenage boy telling a zombie girl that he doesn’t know if he should kiss her because she’s a zombie. After grabbing an Orbit gum, she answers she’s kind of hot, which makes the guy find his courage and kiss her.

Another spot features a guy who’s chewing an Orbit Gum during a bank robbery and asks a woman who’s also laid on the floor, just like him, what she’s doing after “this”, making her smile.

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