Pandora Mother’s Day For Everydays and Special Days Commercial

Pandora Mother's Day Commercial

Pandora has released a heartwarming commercial for this Mother’s Day.

The spot depicts a series of moments in a mother’s life, such as waking up with a foot in her face, being interrupted while working from home, finding her child drawing on walls, having a fight in the car with her teenage daughter, and helping her pack to go to college, while in the background an emotional song plays. “This one’s for you, my darling. For all the times I made you wait. For all the times I fought with you and you are all the same. You held me tight, told me life can be this ways. This one’s for you, oh, mom, thank you for all that you’ve done,” the male musician sings.

“For every wake-up call. For every adventure. For every deep breath. For every milestone. For everydays. And special days” onscreen lines read throughout the 30-second ad, which also features those mothers receiving Pandora gifts on Mother’s Day from her dear ones.

The company has not provided details on the title of the song used in the commercial, which has most probably been recorded specifically for this campaign.

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