2017 Movies: LA 92 (National Geographic Documentary)

LA 92

LA 92

From Academy Award-winning directors Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, National Geographic presents LA 92, a documentary film about racial oppression, police brutality and socioeconomic inequality.

Described as “a moment by moment retelling using only raw footage of the events that lit the fuse and ripped a city apart”, LA 92 marks the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots that followed the acquittal of the four L.A. police officers charged with beating Rodney King.

“The police approach black men as criminals first and criminals second.” – is one of the statements we can hear in the trailer released for the documentary, which features moments captured during the riots organised in the above mentioned locations, with participants shouting “We have to show Los Angeles that we are resilient”. The trailer features also former president George W. Bush saying that he would use whatever force is necessary to restore order again.

The documentary has been assembled from broadcast news footage, police files, radio reports, and personal home
videos, featuring never-before-seen and rarely used footage from the Los Angeles First AME Church, which supported many victims of the violence, and materials from the Los Angeles police and fire departments.

LA 92, set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, this month, will hit theaters on April 28 and begin airing on National Geographic on April 30.

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