TENA Last Loney Menopause Mother & Teenage Daughter Advert / Commercial Song

TENA Last Loney Menopause Advert / Commercial Actress

TENA’s ad about menopause that won Channel 4’s prestigious £1 million Diversity in Advertising Award debuted on Channel 4 on April 29.

Created by AMV BBDO, the spot depicts the relationship between a mother in menopause and her teenage daughter to unflinchingly highlight some of the relatable potential realities of menopause, including rogue beard hairs, night sweats, hormonal rage, lube-fuelled intimacy, and “the occasional pelvic floor betrayals”.

Directed by Shannon Murphy and produced by Lief, the advert concludes on a positive note, saying that then it ends and you are more yourself than you ever were.

“Let’s make this the #LastLonelyMenopause” an onscreen line reads at the end of the 2-minute film, which is scored by Frazey Ford’s “September Fields”. Viewers are encouraged to share the film, start a conversation and share their experiences.

Channel 4’s annual Diversity in Advertising Award offers the winning campaign £1 million worth of commercial airtime across the entire portfolio of channels in Channel 4’s commercial arm 4Sales, including its streaming service All 4.

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