Volkswagen Tiguan Advert Song – Car Karaoke

Volkswagen Tiguan TV Advert - Car Karaoke

Volkswagen Tiguan TV Advert – Car Karaoke

Volkswagen UK has released a new advert for Tiguan, highlighting that with its Shared Music Playlists and Live Traffic Updates all your journeys will be harmonious, and your driving experience will be stress-free.

The 75-second spot invites you to “say goodbye to arguing over the music or getting stuck in traffic that could have been avoided” by featuring a family (parents and their two kids, a girl and a boy) who sings while being stuck in traffic and then avoids the traffic thanks to a live update.

The father asks the daughter, Katie, to put a song because it’s her turn this time to choose it. She selects “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness from her phone and then the song starts playing in the car, thanks to Shared Music Playlists. The first one to sing is the father, who is immediately joined by the mother and then by the girl. If, at first, the boy (Daniel) is looking bored into his tablet, when his dad asks him to “smash it”, he does it with no hesitation.

Fortunately for them, their route is updated, so they don’t need to stay stuck in the traffic anymore, being looked as weirdos by others around them for doing car karaoke.

The advert ends with the onscreen line “Technology to improve your journey” and with the company’s tagline, “We make the future real”.

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